Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Dr. Peter Cherop
Chair of DepartmentDr. Peter Cherop



Welcome to the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology. The Department was established in the year 2002 under the then Production Engineering Department. The name of the Department changed to Mechanical and Industrial Engineering in the year 2009. The Department has, over the years, grown and expanded in expertise, student numbers, faculty and research. The staff in the Department are affiliated to the accreditation bodies of Engineering and Technology.

The Department currently offers the following accredited programmes:

  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering
  • Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy Technology
  • Bachelor of Technology Education (Mechanical option)
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • Diploma in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

The student population is approximately 400 across all programs and cohorts. Our Curricula are well-structured and focus on imparting critical thinking, technical Know-how, emerging technologies, analytical and problem-solving skills to students.

We have state of art workshop and laboratory facilities that support practical training and research of staff and students. The workshop and laboratory facilities are managed by competent and skilled team of technical staff. The workshops, equipment and operations that we can carry out are summarised below.

Workshop machines and equipment

CNC lathes and milling machine shop.

The CNC lathes are capable of performing operations to produce rollers for industrial conveyors, plumb bob, roller reconditioning as Sanding, Drilling, parting off Knurling and Reaming and other client specific jobs; while the three axis CNC mills can perform complex operations to produce gears, bolts and nuts. We are capable of producing various complex components for industries and clients based on design and specifications.

Welding and fabrication shop

We have an elaborate welding and fabrication shop capable of manufacturing moulding equipment, wheelbarrows, improved charcoal stoves, gasifiers, clamps and any product requiring welding and fabrication.

Foundry shop

We can cast various intricate components using aluminium and heat treatment processes.

 Laboratory Section

We have laboratories for carrying out experiments and practicals including Thermodynamics, Metrology, Mechanics of machines, Solid mechanics, Fluid mechanics, Material science and Design

Dr. Peter Cherop

Chairperson, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

The department is involved in training of both undergraduate and postgraduate students for the industrialized sector of the economy.

The training encompasses theoretical and laboratory practice in the various courses of Mechanical and Engineering and related disciplines, Engineering practical work on convectional and computerized Machines and Industrial attachment


To be the industry’s’ preferred first choice, Human Resource Manufacturing centre for qualified Mechanical Engineers.


To train, mold and roll out qualified Mechanical and Industrial Engineers while offering opportunities for further growth.

Technological innovations for practical solutions

Core Values

To maintain high professionalism and ethical standards, efficiency, integrity, teamwork and high moral standards amongst our staff in line with the general university core values.

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